Consultants' Pharmacy, as the name implies, was founded by LTC Consultant Pharmacists with over 40 years of combined clinical and regulatory experience managing all aspects of pharmaceutical services in long-term care facilities. With vast facility-level experience the owners have the opportunity to design our provider pharmacy operations with what we have learned "in the trenches" at the facility level in Georgia and nationally. Our pharmacy operations are designed to allow you to work with our staff to design pharmacy services to best meet the needs of your residents. We offer a variety of packaging, delivery options and other innovative solutions to offer a "cafeteria" approach to how we service your facility.

Our sister company Senior Health Consulting Alliance (SHCA) was establised in 2002 and provides  independent clinical and regulatory consulting services in 7 states including GA. The partnership of our companies, offers an array of Clinical, Educational, and Regulatory Compliance services that are tried and tested nationally.

Consultants' Pharmacy was previously Chichester LTC Pharmacy in Macon Georgia.  The owners have been Clinical Consultant Pharmacists for over 25 years.  We chose Macon as our primary location because it is near the center of the state, which allows us to service the entire state efficiently and effectively.  Through our emergency medication service options and pharmacy partners you can be assured that we wil provide timely and accurate services to your residents.
Our philosophy is simple.  We want to  put our facility partners and patients first  while building long-term relationships.   Because of our experience we will never adopt the "one size fits all" mentality with our pharmacy services.  We want to allow our customers to provide input so we can adapt our services to better serve their residents