1. Barcoding Technology
    Barcoding Technology
    Our packaging utilizes barcoding technology to ensure accuracy from the dispensing of the medication all the way to the patient to reduce medication errors
  2. Medicine On Time (MOT)
    Medicine On Time (MOT)
    Medicine On Time has been an industry leader in multi-dose packaging in Assisted Living Facilities and Personal Care Homes for many years. We continue to offer this packaging based on customer request.
  3. Unit Dose Blister Packs
    Unit Dose Blister Packs
    Unit dose blister packaging has been the industry standard for many years, and continues to be an option for customers desiring to utilize this type of packaging. This type of packaging is still used in combination with multidose packaging in regard to controlled substances.
Assited Living/ Personal Care (Full Brochure)
Skilled Nursing Services (Full Brochure)
  • Multi-dose Strip Packaging (Parata Automation) targeted for July 2019
  • Variable options for Cycle Filling
  • Automated packaging utilizing the latest software and video technology to ensure 100% accuracy in our automated dispensing system (PERLTM)
  • Single dose blister packaging
  • Multi-dose blister packaging utilizing Medicine On Time ​TM (MOT)
  • Emergency and on-demand medication systems on site
  • Drug destruction kiosks provided for pharmaceutical waste with Maxium Rx Credit
  • Transitional Care Program (TCPRx TM)
  • Nurse consulting services to ensure your staff meets all educational and training requirements regarding medication systems, administration, and receipt
  • Electronic MAR system, training and hardware and provided and maintained at no cost
    • Mobile Med Tablet ​TM eMAR for iPad tablet , and other devices
    • CareSuite by QuickMAR TM that provides integrated EHR solutions
    • Custom Work Zone integration for HIPAA compliant communication and Report Posting
  • Premier services provided by SHCA (sister company)
    • Software assisted MRR/DRR to ensure regulatory compliance
    • Admission MRR (aMRR) and Interim MRR (iMRR) provided at no additional charge through our InterventionRx ​TM program
    • Comprehensive QAPI-based compliance reporting
    • Physician, Nursing (SNF), and Other Facility Team Member recommendations and communications
      • Available in electronic format with automatic email notification when completed
      • Over 750 medication -related recommendation templates associated with common drug related problems available to the Consultant Pharmacist
      • Detailed psychotropic drug use reporting
      • Customizable audit forms
      • Performance benchmarking for compliance with regulations to State and National Averages
      • Continuous on-screen clinical drug information and regulatory reminders 
    • Antimicrobial Stewardship solutions provided
    • Formulary development and compliance monitoring
    • Electronic report posting via Work Zone secure site
  1. Formulary Management
    Our pharmacist work with your facility leadership and physicians to develop a formulary that actually works within your facity. Your specific formulary can be loaded directly into our dispensing system as if it were an insurance company, providing us with "stops" that allow us to intervene for significant reductions in Per Diem
  2. TCPRx (TM)
    Through our Transitional Care Program there will be no interruption in medication services when patients are discharged to their homes. Compliance packaging and clinical follow-up will continue to improve medication adherence and potentially reduce readmissions
  3. InterventionRX (TM)
    Clinical Pharmacist medication regimen review (MRR) for all new admissions (aMRR) and or interim reviews (iMRR) for significant changes through our secure notification and intervention posting portal. InterventionRX is also an integral piece of our Formulary Management process as well.
  4. Technology
    We are continuously evaluating, developing, and applying technologies aimed at improving pharmaceutical services to your facility. Our ownership have over 20 years of exerperience in developing proprietary software applications aimed at providing LTC facility and pharmacy solutions
  5. Senior Health Consulting Alliance
    We feel that our Consulting Services through SHCA is one of the many service offerings that separates us from the pack. Our consults are professional, experienced, and speclialize in developing custom solutions for your facility and residents to ensure the quality outcomes for your residents and improved regulatory compliance
  6. Drug Destruction Kiosks
    We partner with Maxium Rx Credit to provide a drug destruction solution utilizing secure kiosks approved by the DEA and Board of Pharmacy for collection of all Controlled and Non-controlled Medications, that results in significant times savings for your facility staff